Rapper Big Pokey died suddenly 201 days after his birthday

Big POKEY … the mockery doesn’t stop.

This man also died 201 days after his birthday to put the stamp of approval on EVENT 201 we are living from “that old serpent” after 72% of global population got the big pokey from the pink venom.

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2 thoughts on “Rapper Big Pokey died suddenly 201 days after his birthday”

  1. Brother Marco,
    Thank you for having enough fear of the Lord to warn the “blinded by Satan” people to not take the jab, an more importantly, to not end up in the lake of fire by rejecting our only hope of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    A sister in Christ,

    1. Amen!

      Those that did get the jab (just a bioweapon) better get justified QUICK while in the land of the living.

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