Watchman Adam EXPOSED and RENOUNCED again for saying MBS is JEWISH (Included is our 2023 phone call)

Here is my new renouncement of Watchman Adam after coming out with his video unveiling the antichrist MBS which he learned from me, but I am not concerned with that but will teach where he is being crafty and the purpose for why he was allowed to speak on MBS.

Here are highlights from our 3 hour call in 2023

Watchman Adam is still preaching the wrong gospel but as finally come out saying MBS is the antichrist but where he is crafty is not telling you about the 8th king of Revelation 17 and also lying to you that MBS is Jewish (big point), he is an EDOMITE.

Watch our films on the beast here.

2024-01-22 update: Here is Adam now saying MANY are talking about Judas entering MBS… only Watchman Report has been saying that. Adam is a liar and thief and can’t count to 5 with the kings of Saudi Arabia. We also cover how he does not have the understanding perfectly even has he plagiarizes our work here at

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