Cyrus king of Persia

This short film was made on the patriarch of Persia which my Father surnamed, Cyrus.

Made in a time when we will soon hit the 70th week with the prince of the covenant who will be the “idol shepherd” to Israel and not the shepherd that Cyrus was which led the Israelites from Babylon back to Jerusalem to build the 2nd temple.

Enjoy the majesty of my Father’s word with some music that will take you to an ancient time.

Download video here.

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1 thought on “Cyrus king of Persia”

  1. Thank you! What a great way to present those Bible scriptures. Cyrus is one of my favorite OT characters because he had the fear of God which enabled him to do what God had commanded him, although he was not of Israel. The present day Persia (Iran) would do well to take heed.

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