The Prince of the Covenant

A short film by



This was absolutely brilliant.

K. Grant

Thank you so much, it helped me to understand a lot more. God bless this ministry.

M. Vogt

I don’t understand why this information wasn’t revealed before now & its unbelievable that so few have commented. I’m just blown away by this video & the fact that I haven’t heard any other channels talking about this.

K. Noble

Brilliant is still expressed too mildly – it is a testimony of God – what is soon coming to this world – it will not be very long – he – GOD will pour out his wrath – on everyone who mocks him now… GOD does not allow himself to be mocked…God’s ways are awesome – this team found it out, thanks to the Holy Spirit- God gives us wisdom… one more word to the World – be warned!


Excellent, exquisite work, brilliantly put together. Thank you. All glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who triumphed at Calvary and gave us all a new life.

Straight Heart

The best film I have ever seen on end times.

@bettymitchell4349 (YouTube)

Seriously one of the best video I’ve ever seen leading up to end times. Excellent job.

@jtop2225 (YouTube)

Here is our 1-year anniversary special on the film recently posted on our Watchman Report channel.

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1 thought on “The Prince of the Covenant”

  1. This is the most excellent well illustrated video I’ve seen yet! Proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is transpiring, and that we are, indeed, in end times. And the blasphemy of those who hate our Lord. Made me so angry, but has to happen just as scripture says. Thank you for all your hard work and study to bring for the truth in such an awesome way. I pray it opens many more eyes to the absolute truth of the gospel/Bible/Word of life. Prayers to you and your ministry.

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