Diotrephes Alexander Wolfling (Martin Richling) of TSABS & his adulteress wife Lisa Curtiss RENOUNCED

Here we renounce my former “pastor” who turned out to be a jesuit wolf on our Watchman Report channel.

Martin Wolfling refers to me as either Mr. P or Mr. PP.

I also highlight a spy he sent out with me named Lisa Curtiss. She committed adultery with the wolf while he will still married and teaching the bible.

To view the larger 3-part series of me renouncing him as a liar, and having corruption in doctrine, click here.

2023-04-28 update: Here is a quick rebuttal to the wolf who blocked me, but here it is for the world to see his craftiness.

Martin Richling’s cult

2023-05-15 update: Here’s a photo from 2015 with at least 4 wives identified that I know of now since 2020.

Here is the old wolf admitting his folly on being found out as a wolf after 10 years and sending spies into my home.

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