Diotrephes Alexander Wolfling (Martin Richling) of TSABS & his adulteress wife Lisa Curtiss RENOUNCED

Here we renounce my former “pastor” who turned out to be a jesuit wolf on our Watchman Report channel.

Martin Wolfling refers to me as either Mr. P or Mr. PP.

I also highlight a spy he sent out with me named Lisa Curtiss. She committed adultery with the wolf while he will still married and teaching the bible.

To view the larger 3-part series of me renouncing him as a liar, and having corruption in doctrine, click here.

2023-04-28 update: Here is a quick rebuttal to the wolf who blocked me, but here it is for the world to see his craftiness.

Martin Richling’s cult

2023-05-15 update: Here’s a photo from 2015 with at least 4 wives identified that I know of now since 2020.

Here is the old wolf admitting his folly on being found out as a wolf after 10 years and sending spies into my home.

This old wolf in sheep’s clothing calls me a prick. It is because I have found him out and he has FAILED his mission to deceive on the last days which is started by the beast MBS who he does not like to mention, by design. He is angry at the Lord Jesus Christ in me. Keep kicking Diotrephes Alexander Wolfling. The Lord WILL reward you accordingly.

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