EU plans digital ID, Russia dumps dollar, Proof of aliens will create new religions, H10N3 Bird Flu

Scripture to consider before the news:

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

The he that will cause all will be the final pope which is the 2nd beast and false prophet of Revelation 13.

This “present evil world” is on a “course” by “the god of this world” and his “mystery of iniquity” program, and it ends with the kingdom of the beast, his mark to buy or sell and a world religion that will worship him as the false messiah.

The following news will show you how we are proceeding to go cashless, and digital because in the end, the mark is a mark that will be inside the lost to buy or sell.

Now unto the news:

EU plans digital ID wallet for bloc’s post-pandemic life.

The European Union unveiled plans Thursday for a digital ID wallet that residents could use to access services across the 27-nation bloc, part of a post-pandemic recovery strategy that involves accelerating the shift to an online world.

The European Digital Identity Wallet proposed by the EU’s executive commission is a smartphone app that would let users store electronic forms of identification and other official documents, such as driver’s licenses, prescriptions and school diplomas.

The bloc’s 450 million residents would be able to use the wallet to access public or private services both online and offline while maintaining control of their personal data.

Officials envision the wallet allowing a customer renting a car at an airport, for example, to complete the necessary ID checks and documents digitally and thereby skip the usual wait at an agency counter. Nightclub-goers could show the app to security guards at the door to prove their ages.

Other potential uses include opening bank accounts, signing apartment leases and enrolling in universities outside an individual’s home country.

The digital wallet “will enable us to do in any member state as we do at home without any extra cost and fewer hurdles,” Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s executive vice president for digital, said. “And do this in a way that is secure and transparent.”

All EU residents would be entitled to an e-wallet, but they won’t be mandatory, according to the EU Commission.

But dominant online platforms would be required to accept the wallet, a provision that aligns with the commission’s goal of reining in big tech companies and their control of personal data.

Vestager said people would be able to use their EU digital wallets to access Google or Facebook instead of their “platform-specific” accounts.

Digital is a key part of the EU’s post-COVID 19 recovery package: A 750 billion-euro ($915 billion) stimulus fund includes benchmarks for member countries to spend one-fifth of the money on digital projects such as digitizing public administration.

Some EU countries already have their own national digital ID systems, and the wallet Brussels is developing would work with them.

The commission plans to discuss the wallet with the EU’s 27 member countries and aims to get them to agree on technical details by fall 2022 so pilot projects can begin.

In other news as we proceed to kill the world reserve currency to then go cashless and digital:

Russia’s $186 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps All Dollar Assets.

Following a series of corporate cyberattacks that American intelligence agencies have blamed on Russian actors, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund (officially the National Wellbeing Fund) has decided to dump all of its dollars and dollar-denominated assets in favor of those denominated in euros, yuan – or simply buying precious metals like gold, which Russia’s central bank has increasingly favored for its own reserves.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov made the announcement Thursday morning at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

He explained that the Kremlin is moving to reduce exposure to US assets as President Biden threatens more economic sanctions against Russia following the latest ransomware attacks. The transfer will affect $119 billion in liquid assets, Bloomberg reported, but the sales will largely be executed through the Russian Central bank and its massive reserves, limiting the market impact and reducing visibility on what exactly the sovereign wealth fund will be buying.

The news isn’t a complete surprise: The Bank of Russia, Russia’s central bank, has steadily reduced its dollar holdings over the last few years amid increasing sanctions pressure from the US and Europe. That trend continued through President Trump’s term.

Russia’s gold holdings eclipsed its dollar reserves last year despite a halt in gold purchases. This was partly due to an increase in the value of its gold holdings with the rise in gold prices, and partly a function of the central bank’s continued efforts to shed dollar assets.

A few years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Washington was inadvertently accelerating de-dollarization with its aggressive financial sanctions, which were forcing its geopolitical adversaries to reduce their dependence on the greenback. Just last month, Russia reached a new milestone whereby fewer than 50% of its exports were paid for in dollars.

It appears that after years of steadily reducing its dependence on the dollar, Russia is about to intensify those efforts in a way that Washington will be forced to take notice.

In other news:

Barack Obama says that proof of aliens will lead to new religions and massive military spending.

Scripture to consider:

“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

The ‘alien proof’ is coming and in Gematria that phrase equates to the number of the beast with the sumerian cipher because it will be part of the strong delusion that is coming to this lost earth because “they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

The “three unclean spirits like frogs” is the upcoming alien deception that after the middle of the 70th week will be used by the devil to unite the world to battle the Lord Jesus Christ on his second coming all while deceiving many by “working miracles.”

Back to the news:

Barack Obama has waded into the conversation about alien life – and has “predicted” that if evidence of aliens emerges, it will lead to sweeping changes around our planet.

The former US President said that proof of aliens would likely result in the emergence of new religions, and there would be calls for huge sums of money to be spent on weapons systems so we can defend ourselves from possible attack.

But he said the existence of aliens wouldn’t change his own perspective on life.

President Obama was speaking on a New York Times podcast just days after it emerged that UFOs had been regularly spotted by US military personnel.

He was asked what he thought would happen if we could prove there were aliens probing the Earth but we were unable to make contact with them or interact with them.

The programme included interviews with former US Navy pilots who confirmed that they had witnessed the UFOs.

And in a move that highlights how the phenomenon of UFOs is moving from the realms of science fiction into the mainstream, the US Department of Defence is expected to release a report soon addressing the issue.

The topic has even been raised during the formal White House briefing sessions, with Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki telling reporters that the country’s top spooks were working on the report.

Things to consider:

Why do you think UFO talk is popularized now? Because we are about to head into the final prophetic 70th week for Israel that will culminate (in the last half) in “three unclean spirits like frogs” uniting the world to fight the Lord on his return. That is how late in the game we are right now before sudden destruction.


China finds possible first human case of H10N3 bird flu strain.

The Chinese government announced Tuesday that a man in Jiangsu province, northwest of Shanghai, had become the first person known to have been infected with the H10N3 strain of bird flu.

In a statement, China’s National Health Commission emphasized that there was no evidence that the strain had the ability to spread among humans, adding that the risk of a significant outbreak was “very low.”

The patient, a 41-year-old man who lives in the city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized April 28 after having fever symptoms, the National Health Commission said. He was diagnosed with H10N3 a month later.

Though the man remains under medical supervision, his condition was described as stable and meeting the standards for discharge. It was not clear from the statement how he caught the virus.

The news of the H10N3 infection comes amid the devastation of the covid-19 pandemic, which also was first identified in China and is widely thought to have come to humans from bats through some form of zoonotic spread.

Things to consider:

When using gematria, you will see that the strain’s name equates to the number of the beast in the Satanic cipher of all ciphers.

Could this be what the World Health Organization called ‘the big one?’

We shall see, as we continue to watch.

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