Martin Richling of TSABS RENOUNCED

In this 3-part renouncement I show you how my former pastor and wolf in sheep’s clothing Martin Richling is a LIAR, has corruption in doctrine and will never admit to any of it.

He also doesn’t want you to know MBS is the beast and Judas will enter him 42 months after deal with Israel and wound by a sword.

He also thinks you will get an unction and know all things but also asks his cult to read daily, why if you are going to get an unction which is mentioned in a book for the Jews of the last days?

Stay away from this man, he is a simple nut case that KNOWS the bible but doesn’t do the bible. After leaving him in 2020, he has since lost his spouse, lost his house, lost his toe and married a cult member that entered his school before her teens. He has turned out to be a catholic jesuit pedophile.

He knows better not to mention me and has referred to me as “Mr. P.”

The Lord reward this serpent for what he attempted to do with me WITH NO SUCCESS.

Job 5:12 – He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.

Watch our 2023 updated renouncements of this old wolf and his spy Lisa Curtiss which he sent out from 2020-2023 to spy out among my family in our home:

Martin Richling’s cult

2023-05-15 update: Here’s a photo from 2015 with at least 4 wives identified that I know of now since 2020.

Here is the old wolf admitting his folly on being found out as a wolf after 10 years and sending spies into my home.

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