Zachary K Hubbard of Gematria Effect News hates the TRUTH, it does NOT matter to him

Here is my call to the jesuit shill who talks about the jesuits ruling the world like others I have dealt with like Eric Jon Phelps of Vatican Assassins but looks to be doing the bidding of the devil’s jesuits in keeping you away from justification and the word of God (KJB) as if the jesuits created it. He is to be avoided but will come across like a gematria guru which will keep you entertained by the devil’s mystery of iniquity as you die in your sins.

Take heed. This is me calling into his radio show which he streams on YouTube from 2021-11-18. Note how he deals with the scripture of truth when he wears a hat saying “truth matters.”

At best he is sincerely deceived and puffed up with the knowledge of gematria and at worst, he is a jesuit wolf.

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